Walk, Talk, Action: The Podcast

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Having worked alongside Walk, Talk, Action founder Teri Elder on a number of projects in the past, we know here at Expert Citizens just how passionate she is about the work she does in our community. Walk, Talk, Action was originally conceived and set up in 2016 after Teri herself experienced some difficulties with her own mental health. Teri now uses her own lived experience to provide support for people struggling with PTSD, PND, Anxiety, Depression, as well as working with veterans. In Teri’s own words, “We walk, we talk and we take action. We help people to get outside, to talk about the difficulties and struggles they are facing with mental health, while helping to set goals.” So far Walk, Talk, Action has helped 107 people and continues to go from strength to strength. We urge you to take five minutes and have a listen to this short series of podcasts where you will hear from those involved, at all levels of Walk, Talk, Action, from its founder Teri Elder to their volunteers and most importantly the people the CiC has helped.

If you would like to find out more about Walk, Talk, Action you can visit their facebook page here.

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