Vanessa Renshaw Wins INSIGHT 2016 Leading People Award

Vanessa Renshaw Wins INSIGHT 2016 Leading People Award

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Vanessa Renshaw, Director of Open Door, wins the INSIGHT 2016 Leading People Award.

Unfortunately, Vanessa was unable to make the Awards Ceremony on the day, so was kindly represented by her Colleague Simon Raynor, a trustee of Open Door.

Sadly, we know that homelessness, poverty, and destitution are growing across the country.

Expert Citizens were extremely impressed by Vanessa and the team at Open Door, who have stepped up to provide a community-based response to work alongside other services. The people at Open Door give their resources, skills and time to offer a vital human response in a time of need.

A very practical solution focus to people’s immediate problems. As well as welcoming people needing food, clothes, and friendship, Vanessa also invites and welcomes a wide range of services to Open Door to act as a platform for engagement and movement towards onward recovery.

Pictured with Simon is Expert Citizen Simon Whittaker who presented the Award.