Social Prescribing: ‘Thyne medicine is in thy garden’

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By Jennifer Spice, Community Researcher

Something that has gone on unnoticed, probably since we could talk, as documented by Hippocrates, in a way we tend to forget, in simple quotes: ‘walking is thyne medicine.”

Thyne medicine is in thy garden;” definitely a social prescription for us all to remember.

I immersed myself into getting the garden and house straight; changed my diet, thanks to my daughters’ social prescribing: began walking with the girls for Duke of Edinburgh training. I started to energise a little, so volunteered with B Arts bakery. Here I met some excellent people and began to network and explore my options, and think, think about everything.

From connections made here, I delved into my creative side; painting, sculpting, culinary skills, harvesting fruits, pickling and bottling, herbal remedies, teas, holistic healing, Indian head massage, reflexology, chiropractor, reiki and yoga. Anything rather than a pharmaceutical fix.

I attended changes (got stuck in a bubble of toxic emotion; found the problem and I’m trying to fix it) I joined Staffordshire Uni as a Community  Researcher; began to re-find myself and self-confidence.  applied for part-time work and finally secured a customer service based job for 16 hours a week. I took a conscious decision to push myself a little more each day for a year or two, to be the best version of myself possible and look to be happy, as I truly realise that we are a long time dead. Through community research, met an amazing array of people to bounce off. I was inspired by some of their stories and the immense lifestyle changes that they have made, to live better, more fulfilled lives.

Encouragement and living proof are often key in spurring one to want to change, get better, get fitter; “if they can do it, so can I” attitude. Taking ownership for one’s self; healthy mind and body attitude then prevents common ailments such as obesity, high blood pressure, diabetes, constipation and vitamin deficiency to name a few, setting in.

Many of us have forgotten what a healthy lifestyle is, or mask our own vices, or pay lip service to it; we fail to notice the years creep by, and suddenly, you can’t kneel down, climb the stairs or move your shoulder properly.

you only get out of life what you put in” Nature, or getting out in it, soaking it up, and enjoying the outdoors cannot be encouraged enough. Through our senses, connecting with the planet, helps us find what we seek. It is different for everyone, but I believe it’s entirely possible for us all.

We have to relearn How to listen to our bodies,  and mind, to determine Positive Action and recognise when we have a problem, or need help; and, not be too proud to look for it or accept it. Believe me, it’s there, if you take the plunge. Never too late to make better Life Choices.

Poetry became my outlet; a progression of observations, ideals, and philosophies, as they emerge and evolve, like a song in my head, when I get passionate about something.

I consider myself very lucky. I’m a survivor and fight to live another fantastic day.


complete shutdown,
nothing going on

Feelings curtailed,
time is derailed,
demons start to rise,
mental health
it’s in the eyes,

loneliness bites,
apathy or fight,
reach for light
in the darkness,
sleepless of nights,

angst gnaws,
fear knocks
at the door,
nerves raw,
on inner strength

breathe deeply,
find calm,
you can
these qualms,

and focus
your mind,
breathe deep,
’til you find
your own clarity,
your anchor,
your rock,

we can do this,
we can cope,
this we got.

Jennifer Spice. 11.01.2021