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Jenni has been an active member of the Expert Citizens group for 18 months now, in this piece she reflects back to a turning point in her life, to a moment of difficult realisation. A big thank you to Jenni for sharing this with us, once again showing the power of telling our stories.

NO make-up, NO short skirts, NO family, NO life!

She was in isolation, he had her all to himself.

He, he could do anything – Disappear for a few hours or days at a time.

She waited and waited, cold and almost alone, especially in her thoughts, staring out of the window into the darkness of the night.

The sudden cry of her baby brought her back to the bleak reality of her life.

Was this how it was going to be? No money, no happiness, hiding from people, scurrying from the rent man, willing her baby not to cry.

She was young, naive and gullible, making her think she’d only need him.

He manipulated her, stripped her of confidence, self-worth and belittled her behind closed doors.

For years she took the mental cruelty, until one day NO MORE.

With her infant in her arms, baby in her belly, just slippers on her feet, she ran. She never looked back.

No more………No more.