‘Lockdown in Lockwood’ – Daily Diary

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By Rose Brookes, Expert Citizen

Monday 23rd March

We are in the process of being put on lock down. Most people are self-isolating off their owns backs, at least from what I can see, now that’s about to be taken away from us with government/police enforced rules. Do you know what I think about that FIDDLE-STICKS I stopped going out over a week ago!

My son and I have been trying to be good but it’s very difficult. He’s 15 and bored to death staying in, He doesn’t have a tv, a console, nothing in his room to keep him good.

 Me – I’m diabetic, 36 (just turned I’d like to add) and I’m an expert Citizen. I’ve been involved with Expert Citizens for nearly a year now, going into the office every day. Now that’s not possible because of the current situation…

Rose x

Tuesday 24th March

Wow the rules came out today – police enforcement, how is that going to work?  Shutting everything down like we are in the apocalypse. (I do sometimes feel like I’m in a zombie film, but this time it’s the virus!)

Anyway, I’ve been what they call self-isolating for over a week now (it’s a great excuse for not going out) my lad is totally bored, moaning his life over.

This for me is a hard battle, I have a mental illness and for a while I thought there was a government conspiracy. Being with Expert citizens and other services has taught me to deal with it. Now all the things I used to think are starting to happen (e.g. being locked down). These blogs are my way of sharing my experiences with others in the midst of all this, to let others know they are not the only ones – not just locked in the house, but also locked in your head.

Rose x

Wednesday 25th March

Today has been mad, my head has been puddled all day.

First, I get up before 8am, decided I may as well carry on with the unit I’m on. Sorry you don’t know what that’s all about. It’s the one thing I’ve got at the minute study wise. I’m working on my TEFL level 5 (teaching English as a foreign language). The postman came and dropped me off a letter from the courts. After a long phone call I found out my benefits had stopped paying a debt payment I’ve being doing since 2018 without informing me, so now I’m further in debt. UC you’re such a help lol.

Then I was stressing out as another person says to me “Have you got WhatsApp on your phone?” – My phone is not an android phone so I can’t get it, if I could I would be able to speak to my Dad everyday, and the kids their grandad.

See what a lot of people don’t know is my dad lives abroad, Malaysia to be precise. He’s lived and worked out there for many years as a Technical consultant. Last year he lost my mum to e-coli infection and was unable to contact us, so suffered alone. Now he’s all alone in lockdown over there. No work and nowhere to go, just him in a big house – whatsapp would certainly help.

During this diary I will be keeping you informed of how things are panning out over with my dad in one of the most affected places.

I’ve had one of my sons living back with me for seven months after being with his father (for 7 years). He’s now 15 (I call him Smerty Berty). My eldest son who is 17 (Charlie Farley) moved into his own place last year after leaving foster care. He’s has just started giving me a hug and saying he loves me after 5 years of being fostered. That took a lot for him.

The one thing that kept me holding on to getting myself clean and well was to hear my children tell me they loved me and to have them say “mum I’m proud of you”. And I have that now, that’s where the need to better myself (hence the TEFL course) came into play. I see Charlie twice a month, the three of us get together and have a laugh. Now that is not possible due to living apart. Its more strain in my head as now I’m worried he’ll get sick, he has no form of a parent, be it blood or foster to nurse him.

Like previous days the school dropped off Smerts free school meal, but this was to be the last one – they gave us a £50 morrisons vouchers to get the next 4 weeks of school dinners in. EXTRA shop yey.

Got to do a deep filled cottage pie with cheese crust, it’s shouting at me to make it.

Rose x

Thursday 26th March

Right, whose bright spark idea invented home schooling? Be honest, how many kids do you think are at home now doing work that even their parents don’t understand? It’s been really hard to keep him motivated, I’ve tried all sorts, it’s taken him a week but he’s realised he can’t go out anyway, we’re in isolation! He’s done more work in a week than he has in 3 months. Mum 1 child 0.

Well it’s not even dinner time and so far I’ve sorted out a British gas payment plan (which has eaten my phone credit) so doctors, council tax and sky will have to wait.

Had another WhatsApp request ARRGGGGGHHHHHHHHHH! I don’t have it, I can’t get it, my phone is stupid not smart (get it haha). Well today I’m course work, catching up with emails and I might start to unpack the boxes I’ve had hidden in my cupboard since we moved in, it’s only been 3 months so not long really.

Chat soon, stay safe,

Rose x

Friday 27th March

I’ve just woken up, like a crunchie I’ve got that Friday feeling. Today is pay day, more about that later when I get back. Now has anybody else noticed the globe is warming? It’s another lovely day. Since we have all been in lockdown the weather has been lovely. I Know there is the normal theory this is because its spring, OR there is my theory, and no its not a conspiracy, bare with me here. Now with all this corona uproar people have to stay indoors as much as possible, if you’re one of the many NHS front line workers we know this is hard (woop woop great job you all x) so this leads to less motor traffic and human traffic. 1) less cars means less polution being released from exhausts. 2) less people mean’s less use of cars and public transport, less litter therefore less damage. My theory is then, that it’s getting more like a normal spring and leading towards a better summer because we lessoned the amount of crap going up into the atmosphere. So the idea I have is we need to embrace this staying indoors as a great thing so come summer I can get a great tan.

 Its 7.30, I’ve got my extra strong coffee as usual, unfortunately it’s not the rocket fuel they have in the office, but £1 coffee works good enough, as you can tell as I’m awake and talking my heart out.

 My coffee is one of the things I do on mon-fri when I go to do my volunteering, its part of the routine I have: toilet, faf, medication then me coffee. Its a little bit of normality that has stayed with me. I know it sounds silly but I need that, it’s the simple things we need to hold on to, my head would be pickled without it!

Rose x