Insight Welcoming Awards 2015

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As part of our Insight Conference 2015 we held our first Insight Awards Ceremony. Which gave us the fantastic opportunity to recognise good practice that had been develop across the City. We will have a series of articles describing our Winners and Runner ups. The quality of practice that has been identified for all nominations was amazing.

The awards were hosted by Signal Radio DJ’s Jonty Sargeant and Emil Franchi.


Welcoming Award

Nominees in this category have demonstrated that they welcome people with multiple needs warmly. Encouraging participation with positive engagement that focuses on the assets and aspirations of people in need.

Welcoming services treat people with dignity and respect as well as valuing the contribution of Expert Citizens.  They make people with multiple needs feel welcome.





Chris Fieldhouse- Nurse Consultant- North Staffs Combined Healthcare Trust- Runner Up

Chris applies his expertise in solution-focused practice with patients experiencing multiple needs. By focusing on patient’s strengths, Chris is able turn these in to advantages that help people experiencing mental ill-health and addiction towards their recovery. Expert Citizens noted that Chris was able to maintain a focus on the positives when it would have been easy to be distracted by negatives. This focus on optimism builds rapport, confidence, and trust with patients and fellow professionals. Expert Citizens recognised Chris’ ability to make everyone feel welcome and valued.





Amy Collier- Senior Practitioner- Brighter Futures- Runner Up

Amy showed enormous flexibility in her work with a person living with multiple needs. This included Amy’s willingness to meet the person every day. Amy even travelled to the person’s home. Expert Citizens noted that Amy worked hard to ensure that the person would feel supported, confident, and welcome when they were finally ready to attend her service. Amy was not discouraged by the days that the person didn’t feel up to working with her. Instead, Amy seized on the good days to build rapport, trust and optimism. This flexibility enabled the person to remain engaged in Amy’s services, even on difficult days, while work continued to address issues around poor mental health, addiction, and unsuitable accommodation. Expert Citizens were delighted to recognise Amy’s flexibility and focus on the customer.





Staffordshire Police- Represented by Inspector Jason Allport.

Expert Citizens were overwhelmed with nominations of officers from Staffordshire Police and found it impossible to distinguish between them. Such was the strength of the response that Expert Citizens felt that this reflected a wider culture of welcoming and joint working to help people with multiple needs. However, specific mentions go to Burslem and Stoke-on-Trent Community Policing teams as well as Longton Integrated Offender Management..
Expert Citizens were delighted by the effort of two officers that took the time to understand the needs of person that had come to their attention in a town centre. The officers worked alongside a Solution Focused Practitioner to find the most appropriate means of engaging with an individual. Officers took an active part in coaching for a psychologically informed intervention and applied the learning in their activity with the individual.
Expert Citizens were moved by the welcome and empathy displayed by Staffordshire Police.