Insight Listening to People Award 2015

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Listening to people award 2015


As part of our Insight Conference 2015 we held our first Insight Awards Ceremony. Which gave us the fantastic opportunity to recognise good practice that had been develop across the City. We will have a series of articles describing our Winners and Runner ups. The quality of practice that has been identified for all nominations was amazing.

The awards were hosted by Signal Radio DJ’s Jonty Sargeant and Emil Franchi.


Nominees in this category have demonstrated that they listen to people with multiple needs actively with a view to changing services to make them even more effective. In addition to all the characteristics of welcoming services, listening services actively seek the views of people with multiple needs and Expert Citizens.  This is with a view to making their services even better and more accessible to people experiencing multiple needs.




Dr Ajmal Hussain- General Practitioner- Norfolk Street Surgery- Runner up

Dr Hussain used his valuable time and active listening skills to understand the situation of a young person with multiple needs. The person was isolated from both support services and the benefits system. By creating the time and flexibility to work directly with the person’s Service Coordinator and others as valued fellow professionals, Expert Citizens noted that Dr. Hussain made a significant contribution. Dr Hussain’s intervention enabled the person to access other services and benefits which substantially improved their conditions and wellbeing. Expert Citizens recognised the value of Dr Hussain’s contribution to multi-agency working to enable fair access to services.





Chris Clews- Education, Training and Employment Coordinator- One Recovery- Runner Up

Chris listened actively to feedback from customers and partners about the process for accessing the centre in Newcastle-u-Lyme. Not only did Chris listen, but applied the learning to streamline the assessment process to be more accessible, welcoming, and focused on positives. People with multiple needs no longer have to have an assessment before attending the centre. Instead, people are welcomed and assessed at the centre. Expert Citizens were impressed by Chris’ commitment to maximising the accessibility of the service for people with multiple needs.