Insight Leading Others Award 2015

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As part of our Insight Conference 2015 we held our first Insight Awards Ceremony. Which gave us the fantastic opportunity to recognise good practice that had been develop across the City. We will have a series of articles describing our Winners and Runner ups. The quality of practice that has been identified for all nominations was amazing.

The awards were hosted by Signal Radio DJ’s Jonty Sargeant and Emil Franchi.


Nominees in this category are leading others in good practice for people with multiple needs.  They are setting
a benchmark for colleagues to follow and generously passing on the skills and experience that they have
developed. In addition to all the characteristics of welcoming, listening, and learning, leading services are actively sharing their good practice with others to widen inclusion for people with multiple needs.


Martin Hill- Specialist Social Worker- North Staffs Combined Healthcare Trust- Runner Up

Unfortunately Martin couldn’t be at the conference. Martin works with people experiencing multiple needs on a daily basis as part of the Criminal Justice Mental Health team. Expert Citizens noted Martin’s leadership in advocating for people with multiple needs to access the services that they need. Martin’s emphasis on the presenting needs, working with other professionals, rather than an over reliance on formal diagnosis has enabled access to services that would otherwise have been difficult. This has directly benefited people experiencing
co-occurring mental ill-health, addiction, and offending behaviours.



Vicky Lomas representing Jenni Berry- Hospital Discharge Worker- Aquarius- Runner Up

Expert Citizens appreciated how Jenni used her role to work with people experiencing multiple needs and other professionals across a range of disciplines. Jenni has helped to arrange for people to receive detox services in mental health settings to tackle co-occurring substance misuse and mental ill-health. As well as advocating for people, Jenni leads by example when adopting an outreach approach so that people can access the service where and when they feel most comfortable.




Jane Morton- Community Matron for the Homeless- Staffordshire and Stoke On Trent Partnership Trust- Winner

Jane is widely recognized across the City for her outstanding work with people experiencing multiple needs over many years. Expert Citizens noted Jane’s leadership in ensuring that those often furthest away from accessing physical health care get the treatment they need — when and where they need it. As well as leading others by example, Jane passes on her expertise by teaching student nurses and other healthcare professionals.
As Community Matron for the Homeless in Stoke-on-Trent, Jane has been an innovator of health services being delivered on an outreach bases to some of the most vulnerable people in the City. Expert Citizens were delighted to take this opportunity to recognise Jane’s leadership.