Expert Citizens is a Community Interest Company led by people with lived experience of homelessness, mental ill- health, addiction, domestic abuse, poverty or histories of offending behaviour. Through the INSIGHT awards we want to celebrate examples of positive or/and outstanding practice that tackles social disadvantages where ever we may find them. We have identified four key characteristics that we believe to be fundamental when delivering, managing, planning and commissioning services. Whilst these are relevant to everyone accessing services, it’s our view that a conscious effort is needed by people and services to apply these principles in the context of people experiencing social disadvantage in all its forms. These characteristics are intended to apply from the frontline to the board room. As such, people can be nominated from any level of an organisation, or as an independent practitioner or professional, or an organisation itself can be nominated.


What makes the INSIGHT Awards unique is that they are judged and delivered by people with lived experiences of the systems and services we believe need to change.


This year will see some changes and additions – Due to the current pandemic the conference will be held in a fully immersive virtual environment (removing the need to make travel arrangements and hopefully meaning more people are able to join us) as well as micro grant of £1000 which we will be awarding to each of the winners to promote and share their work and good practice (this could be in the form of a video, some blogs, a community event or something similar). Put simply we want you to shout from the rooftops about the amazing work you are doing in which ever way works best for you!

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The characteristics in the four key categories are:


The nominee welcomes people with unconditional positive regard, ensuring a warm and safe environment with a focus on their own individual needs and consideration of their historical context.


The nominee actively listens to those who they welcome into their service; they listen to identify individual needs as well as assets and coproduce a method of support that works well for the individual.


The nominee welcomes opportunities to learn from people experiencing social disadvantage and makes changes in the way they work as a result of actively seeking to learn what works well. They make improvements in areas in which things don’t work so well.


The nominee has tried new ways of working and can evidence what works well in supporting people experiencing social disadvantage: they share their positive and best practice with colleagues, organisations and services to enable others to better welcome, listen and learn from lived experience.

Thank you to everyone that has taken the time to make a nomination for this years National INSIGHT Awards. Nominations are now closed.