Another Day Dawns…

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Another Day Dawns

By Rose – Expert Citizens

Hi, I’m somebody, but not so long ago I was nobody.
Now just to let you know, I’m no saint,
I just love to draw and love to paint.

I’d like to tell you a story of my time on the streets.
The lessons I learnt, people I did meet.
I once had a home, two kids and a dog,
Not forgetting my husband, that’s a different blog.

In twelve months alone I lost the lot.
Marsh, Lew and Diesel, even the plot.
I chose a drug, my demon is dust,
Smoking each day, it became a must.

I became stupid and let myself get addicted,
which in return, did get me evicted.
I denied it I’d lie,
But give up id try.

I wanted to fly,
Way up in the sky.
Through the clouds I would soar,
So, continued to score.

The drugs I’d devour,
Way into the hour
Giving me power
The need to succeed

But now it is gone
Back from where it came from
I do crave for it still,
But I’ve got the will.

Classes weekly I attend,
So, I can build, I can mend.
The relationships I had,
With both my two lads
Because being apart, has broken my heart.

Then one day they were there.
I had no chance to prepare
For what I had to come,
Upon leaving my slum.

My simple admission,
I have an addiction.

Now I’ve got support,
I’d like to report.
Thanks to the team,
The light I have seen.

I have brighter beginnings,
I have brighter futures.