As part of the proposal for the VOICES project, the partnership agreed that there should be a way of seeing how far organisations have progressed in helping people with multiple needs. We also wanted to make sure that good practice is recognised, and shared. Expert Citizens INSIGHT is designed to do this.

INSIGHT Standards

The INSIGHT Standards describe best practice when working with people experiencing multiple needs. All the partners who submitted the VOICES proposal together, ‘signed up’ to these standards, and other organisations are signing up too.

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A basic overview of how the evaluation works

A small team of specially trained Expert Citizens will explore to what extent a service is meeting the INSIGHT Standards. They will use a range of methods including interviews and observations. Expert Citizens may ask the services to provide some information too, for example case studies, and a self-assessment. Information will be written into a confidential report for the service and may include recommendations from the evaluators. Results will celebrate good practice and help to reinforce this within teams, they will also suggest areas to explore for development ahead of their next INSIGHT evaluation. The service will be provided with an official INSIGHT Standard logo for them to display, for example on a door or on a letterhead, to show that they have undergone the INSIGHT evaluation. It is anticipated  that services will be visited regularly, or at least every two years.

“The communication was 100%.  It was a positive experience for me and the other people who took part. The report was comprehensive and fair and overall a good assessment” 

Sergeant David Fenton of Staffordshire police   

“I thought they were very professional and open in their approach”

Gill Butler of Restart, Saltbox

“Overall I think it went extremely well.  They explained it clearly.  Both times I met with them they were cooperative and helpful.  They were knowledgeable, knew what I was talking about – we understood each other”

Jude Haws of the CAB

If you would like to know more about the INSIGHT programme please contact one of our coordinators at

“Using the insight of our own experiences to motivate change”