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Darren's story

Don't know where to turn?

Tomorrow we’ll be launching our first #SystemsChangers #TwitterTakeover where Bryony will share stories from the fr…

@JudeHabib @sounddelivery @voicesofstoke @ExpertCitizens #storytelling #DigitalMarketing #systemschangers

@ruthfranciszka @ExpertCitizens @voicesofstoke ahhh just read your blog Ruth - looking forward to talking about blogging today

#teamawesome , @sounddelivery digital workshop, @ExpertCitizens @voicesofstoke & buffet vibes: What more could you want from a Thursday?

Looking forward to a day of learning w/ @sounddelivery @ExpertCitizens. And to hear the @voicesofstoke stakeholder feedback #topteam

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Expert Citizens Mission Statement

 The Expert Citizens aim is for every agency in Stoke on Trent to learn to listen to the voices of people with support needs and to change their services so they are appropriate.

The Expert Citizens aim is for every person with support needs to be offered new hope and support until they have journeyed to where they aspire to be.

Seeing the results of these changes, society at large will learn to empathise with people with support needs.